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Welcome to the Freelancers' Den

31st March, 2011. 4:03 pm. New Poetry Comm(eclats_de_voix)

-Get and receive feedback on poetry.
-reply to prompts


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21st February, 2010. 2:32 pm. Community Pimp(sailorraspberry)

Teen Novelists is a writing-based community for all of those aspiring authors who dream to, one day, have their hardbacks splayed across shelves. Our goal here is to provide a hassle-free, fun society to share stories, ideas, and exchange comments, critique, and criticism.

If you're interested, come join!

P.S. Mods, if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete!

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12th December, 2009. 5:34 pm.(katielovesjoel)

Hello all - I know this hasn't been the most active community; but here's to hoping.

I haven't personally done any freelance writing. I was a high school English teacher, then a technical writer, and am now a stay-at-home mom. Recently, a fairly reliable and consistent freelance gig has fallen into my lap and I'm not even sure where to start as far as billing. How do those of you who regularly freelance go about it? Do I need to have a company name or set up some sort of DBA? Do people generally charge per hour or per project? I don't have a foggy clue what I should charge? Are there any ways I can find out what the going-rates are in my area?

I am mainly going to be doing a monthly newsletter for a small business, but they will also be asking me to do some other things which mostly involve layout and editing.

I truly appreciate any advice/thoughts this community can offer.

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14th November, 2009. 11:42 pm. Hello?(sanglupa)

Hello everyone. Mainly just testing the waters to see if there's any chance of activity here. Any signs of life?

Current mood: hopeful.

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1st January, 2006. 5:37 am. Read and comment please. =) thank you!(quicksilver_47)

The Painter

They have asked me to do that which I consider as impossible; improbable.

Ah! These foolish men! They think that to wield the brush is an exact art, one governed by certain rules of science. No. They are wrong; for to wield a tool as noble as the brush is to master the ability of one’s hands. You must be calm. Shaking hands and trembling fingers will only ruin your masterpiece. You must exude an aura of confidence. You must be able to breathe life into the colors that you have befriended, must let them glide across your canvass freely.

These men, they also think that I know everything in the field of the arts. They are mistaken. For I only know that when you paint, your mind must not be restricted, must not be caged. I only know that if you let Blue streak out smoothly, just as the sky above you does, but do not forget that it must too, be savage, inconsistent, just as the sea before you is, then you will achieve realism. And if you let Red sound his war drums in the morning, then in the evening, lay him to rest; let him speak of love and passion, you will understand the magnitude of his voice. I only know that each color, each hue and shade is different; utterly unique, and that you must handle each one with reverence, and with respect.

But, ah, truly they have asked me to do that which I consider impossible; improbable.


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8th June, 2009. 9:19 pm. Writing Teachers in Chicago(baggyk)

One of my students is moving from Germany to Chicago and is looking to continue learning to write creative nonfiction. Do any of you know anyone who teaches the form in Chicago? Preferably independently and cost-effectively.

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26th May, 2009. 1:45 am. Call for Submissions - Travel Journal Pages(katesedgwick)


This pays $25.

If yours are selected, you get paid for work that's already done and get published with an awesome website to boot.

Good luck!
Hope this is allowed here.



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24th February, 2009. 11:41 am. News for free(fast_notes)


I work as a TV reporter in local news channel in Sevastopol (Ukraine) and I can provide any information agency or newspaper with up-to-date news from the city in English on a freelance basis. My major interest is to practice and improve my English, so I  will work for free in case of your assistance in language (if needed).

I have professional experience of work as a correspondent of The Ukrainian news agency.

Please, use this e-mail to reach me: konvertik@bigmir.net


Sorry, if that's off topic.

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17th February, 2009. 8:16 pm. Freelancer's world-wide portal is started(devunion)

Hello All,

I'm glad to inform you that Freelancer's world-wide portal (www.highprog.com) is started. You can find here last news form freelance world, read most interesting and useful articles and interviews, talk on our forum with other freelancres and buyers.

Our project is very young and we hope that with your help we will improve it and create really useful and informative resource.

So, you are welcome to share your knowledge and experience with other people. We are always opened to receive any propolas, ideas and fewedback from you.

See you on the pages of our portal.

   * Freelancer's world-wide portal: http://www.highprog.com
   * Freelancer's forum: http://www.highprog.com/forum
   * Articles about freelance: http://www.highprog.com/articles

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13th January, 2009. 2:03 am. russian to english(evpraksiya)


I'd like to translate two short stories (24 968 signs with blanks) from russian to english. So I find a native english speaker with good english and russian.
If you can help me, please write nchernysh@bk.ru
The price is subject to negotiation

Thank you

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